Tule Designs is a design studio located adjacent to rolling oak woodlands in Sonoma County, California. We are passionate about California’s diverse landscapes and the native plants that give these landscapes their unique character: from the great valley oaks that dot the Central Valley, to the foxtail pines found in craggy pockets in the high sierra, to the silvery California sage that blankets the slopes of the Newport coast, to the sculpturesque Joshua trees peppered across the Mohave, to the tule reeds that thrive in both freshwater and estuarine ecosystems and so many more! 
We also believe that there is a place for these plants to rehabit urban spaces, especially as an emerging landscape ethic has inspired property owners  to transition away from turf grass  to more resilient and regenerative landscapes that integrate climate appropriate plants.

Who We Are:

As a husband-wife design team we each bring our unique skill sets to the table: Ben his talents in concept art, animation and photography,  and Lisa her scientific training in ecology, environmental/ civil engineering, and permaculture. In 2015, we apprenticed at organic farms in Sonoma and the Sierra foothills to connect more deeply with the soil and plants, and to study the mechanisms of nutrient cycling in healthy food systems.  This work was transformative. At Tule Designs, we infuse our passion for native plants, healthy soils and regenerative systems into every aspect of our work. 
Most recently Ben’s photographs were published in Lanny Kaufer’s Medicinal Herbs of California field guide and Tule Designs completed a wordless Sustainable Landscape Maintenance Guide for the California Water Efficiency Partnership to overcome language barriers.


We can help you create custom educational materials using photography, illustrations and animated graphics. We work with nonprofits, water agencies, utilities, trade associations, educational institutions, and government agencies to help spread your message about resource preservation, conservation and regenerative, nature-based solutions.
We are particularly invested in and  knowledgeable about the following topics:
Urban water conservation
Rain water harvesting
Irrigation efficiency
Healthy soils
Regenerative landscaping principles
California native plants

We look forward to working with you to help tell your story!